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We are committed to achieving total customers satisfaction by continually improving our systems and processes through innovation, involving all our employees.

We Only Use chemical approved By World Health Organization ( WHO ) for indoor domestic usage with which exposure is safe for humans.

The chemicals we use are approved By Federal & Punjab Govt quality standards monitoring agencies , as we use only chemicals manufactured by only Govt approved Local & Multi-National Multinational Companies which are authorized to sell manufacture under WHO ( World health Organization) standards in Pakistan.

Chemical we use is manufactured by German-based Multi-national company BASF, Buyer , ICI, ranked Globally as top Global Companies and operating in over 80 countries, and other leading manufacturers.

We use water based chemical which are odorless, contain no odor and leaves no stain. The water based vapors make invisible fumes evaporates & dries up within hour. After drying any water evaporation traces, as rain dried up rain traces on glass and car screen is safe to touch & easily cleanable with wet or dry cloth. We also offer economy package with mild odor water based spray , which clears off from premises within 3 hours of drying.

Chemicals we use cover specialized general treatment for all crawling & flying insects, MOSQUITOES of all Types ( DENGUE / MALARIA and other ), Home Flies, bugs, crawling insects, ants, cockroaches. It is also unfriendly for crawling wall lizards.

Our Solution is the safest and least allergenic for allergic patients with allergy sensitivities. However any direct exposures to spray vapors, on skin & eyes while spray is being done, or being inside or remaining within premises while the spary is being done. Similarly or moving back into with first letting the spray dry up or without properly ventilating premises , may can cause some mild temporary irritations in eye, nose, throat . Its direct exposure is fully safe, once wet spray dries up & cross ventilation of premises is once, for an hour after.

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Fumigator specializes in the provision of a large range of pest control services. Over the years the company has established a reputation and maintained a value as a provider of high quality service and has enjoyed a steady growth of its customer base.

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No matter what type of business you are running, we have a way out for you. We deal great, verified commercial pest control services supported by our guarantee.we offer customized packages which suits best to your needs

Residential Services

We provide customized all pest / Dengue mosquito control services with customized packages which best suits to your needs & budgets

Pest / Mosquito Prevention

Pests aren’t simple they can harshly affect your health, safety ,the fitness of your family. Pest mosquito in the house carry risk of disease, dengue, malaria, pest related score of ailments & multiple allergies. More over it causes sleep disorders and mosquitoes take away peace from the sleep & house

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We'll do whatever it takes to solve your pest problem with our umparalleld pest-control services

Pest/Mosquito Control

At Fumigator,we know exactly how important it is to keed your home and office safe during entire pest treatment process.That is why we only used WHO approved chemicals in our pest control services our team of professionals are certified and receive continual trainings. Our service protects you from variety of pests

Termite Treatment Services

Termite activity often goes undetected. If termites find a crack as thin as a credit card in your homes structure they can get in and eat away without any visible signs.With both treatment & preventative services, Fumigator offers the most advanced solutions to protect your home from termites

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    Termite Services

    Termite services are offered with customized packages, depending upon the customized needs of sites, covering pre-construction plots, and constructed Premises for post construction fumigation. the packages are suggested & quoted after site visit.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is it 100 % safe for humans & domestic indoor covered premises/ residences / offices.?

    It is the most safest chemical approved By WHO (world health organization) and widely used worldwide for indoor domestic home / offices fumigation that means it is the safest chemical with which limited exposures is safe & not harmful for humans.
    The Human exposure to these chemicals is safe to the prescribed levels and does not Carry health risk but is fatal and killing for common domestic pests / mosquitoes

    where do we spray , do we spray upon walls ,Roofs floors furniture ?

    Yes we spray on all roofs, walls, floors sides linings of windows , window glasses , beneath furniture, below beds , on wooden structure . behind the beds, cabinets , below fridge , sofas etc . as these are all resting Places of mosquitoes.
    The effect of dried up residuals of spary last for upto 4 months, pests when sit, rest or crawl on the sprayed surfaces they get killed by the effect of chemical .
    Once sprayed the wetness gets dried and evaporated and some fine whitish residual may be visible of evaporated vapors may be visible on dark and transparent surfaces can be cleansed and wiped by dry / wet cloth.
    Dried up residuals of spary is safe if touched and hands skin must be washed with plain water is enough to make cleansed and free from any traces of chemical particles as it is water based chemical. skin gets chemical particle free with simple washing of hands with water.
    However , if dusted and wiped the effect and efficacy of spary decreases on ONLY those cleaned and wiped off surfaces which are cleaned and wiped off. We recommend that if required only for cosmetic purposes only selected surfaces should be cleaned off afterwards where the skin frequently gets in contact, for example handles of cabinets, windows , doors ,switch boards and a small portion of walls doors around switch board which frequently get in contact of skin.
    All doors, cabinets, window , Glass surfaces , walls , behind curtains etc preferably should not be wiped and cleaned for a lasting and more effective results as they are typical resting and hiding place for pests.

    How much The spray effects last and how its effect works ?

    All mosquitoes / pests crawling get killed in first spray in 3 hours and premises gets Pest free .
    The surface which is not wiped and cleaned after drying the effect of spray last for upto 4 months . with dusting and wiping the effect decreases on those surfaces which are cleaned and wiped after spray.
    we recommend that walls and roofs and furniture item backs back of beds toward wall , etc may not be dusted as these are resting and hiding places of mosquito.
    the new fresh mosquitoes pests which may invade or enter house in flowing days upto 4 months sits , rests or hides or crawl over the uncleaned sprayed walls roofs beneath surface furniture they start feeling the effect of fumigation within minutes and start getting lazy and weak and get killed in 2 to 3 hours.
    This killing effect lasts on all uncleaned surface of walls ,roofs , underneath and behind furniture curtains etc which are , resting, hiding on sprayed this killing effect & lasts upto 3-4 months.

    How much time is require to do Fumigation do ?

    Its minimum 4 -5 hour exercise in total. i.e
    - 1 hour for doing spraying exercise and locking house.
    - 3 hours minimum time for quarantine/ incubation in which every room is closed immediately after spray ( all house is locked with all doors windows closed, at least 2 hours is mandatory for fumigation to work )
    - 1 hour cross ventilation time when house is reopened cross ventilation is required by putting all fans , exhaust fans on with doors and windows open allowing cross ventilation so that the spray fumes trapped in closed house are ventilated off with fresh air. ( minimum 45 minutes is a must otherwise its not fully safe to move in )
    - After 4- 5 hours inmates and residents can safely move inside premises.
    increasing time of closing house from 3 to 4 or 5 hours and decreasing it to 1-2 hours would increase and decrease the effectiveness & efficacy and control of spray. similarly ventilation time can be increase & decrease by half an hour But at least half an hour ventilation after spray is a MUST. AS concentrated fumes in house is not safe to inhale & can cause mild allergenic reactions .
    - Residents must plan to be keep away and spend time out of house for 4-5 hours.

    How much time the spray effect lasts?

    As per who reports and tests the spray effect last for Upto 4 months Its maximum in first 2-3 months decreases gradually in 4th month beyond 4 months its control become less then fully effective.
    the surface of the walls and roofs must not be dusted and washed afterwards because if dusted & wiped the effectiveness lasts less.

    Post spray cleansing guide lines ?

    We recommend that , lower bottoms / underneath & lower side of furniture items tables, beds, sofas, etc which are typical hiding place which we spray upon & where we usually don't touch must not be cleaned even with dry cloth after spray, and any traces of white residue , may be allowed to remain visible for effective protection for 4 months or more
    Similarly water based spray on dusty walls / windows dark surfaces can also give some dried dust stain which are dust able and could be wiped with plain dry cloth if remain visible & if required
    * Curtains can be dusted with simple dry cloth from front and any white residual of evaporated drops on back may not be cleaned & dusted with dry cloth
    * similarly if required only glass of windows may be cleaned for any visible white residual ( only if required ) and not frames and back side of blinds.
    * Walls, roofs, back side of furniture surfaces beneath furniture , all sprayed surfaces , should not be dusted or cleaned to ensure maximum protection.
    * Fans lamps fancy fittings should not be cleaned from inside and preferably from outside after spray if they are dirty they may be cleaned before spray.
    * After spray we recommend that only those parts of furniture , walls doors be cleaned / dusted by dry cloth which are commonly get in contact with hands /skin like handles, switch boards, hand rest etc. and other major parts of doors, almirah, cabnits , chairs which dont come in contact with skin and hands may not be cleaned at all . as mosquito when sit on the surface they start getting dying.cleaning them would reduce the effect of spray particles on surfaces effect of which which lasts for 4 months.
    * for example staircase case hand support can be wiped with dry cloth but bars may not be cleaned.
    * all the surfaces which are cleaned off with dry cloth removes the invisible particles stuck on surfaces after evaporation and reduces the strength, effect & timing and shelf life of fumigation protection
    * After spray all windows/ doors / ventilation be closed and place should be locked & closed for at least 4 hours & preferably 6 hours or overnight if possible or required . more over No one should go inside during that 4- 6 hour period as there are fumes in air which should be avoided.
    Sofas beds dining tables eating tables Tops can be covered with plastic disposable polythene sheets available from any hardware shop or could be covered with cloth bed sheets which could be washed afterwards and they would be safe for re-usage.
    we spray behind curtains but spray is not recommended on 100 % cotton curtains or very light color curtains as water based spray can cause some shirking effect.
    Similarly we spray water based droplets / vapors on all walls roofs floors windows blinds behind curtains on the back side of fabric. It dries in maximum 6-8 hours.
    The fitted carpets get wet and takes 12 hour plus to dry when they dry the white powder residual traces if remain visible can cleaned with dry brush, dry cloth , vacuum cleaner and is safe to use after simple routine everyday cleaning.

    Is Occupying and moving back into premises can be dangerous without proper ventilation .YES it is ?

    It is basically chemical /cleansing and insect killing spray and cause invisible fumes . No chemical is 100 % safe if air in not properly ventilated properly from premises with fresh air afterwards .
    sleeping over night in rooms without properly ventilating them with fresh air is dangerous and must not be done.

    If it can cause any side allergic effects on direct exposure to skin , eyes?

    Side effects and allergenic irritations it usually happens when the proper ventilation is not done and inmates move in after few minutes of ventilation and close the doors windows or exhaust fans or close one room earlier with few minutes ventilation and put on a/c s so such effects can last for 1st day and these are are preventable with proper ventilation.
    People usually re-close rooms after 15 minutes ventilation put on a/c s and sleep overnight , if proper fresh air is not ventilated sleeping in the room overnight could be dangerous and concentration of Invisible fumes in air inside closed rooms remain high and can cause allergic reactions in eyes throat, lungs. So proper ventilation Is Must on first day only On 2nd its all safe.

    What Special precautions required for children, elders Allergy & lung patients.?

    The children , Elderly people, allergy, asthema or lungs patients They must not be around in house when spray is done.
    They may not enter the house before 3 hours of proper ventilation as more the cross ventilation of air is done on first day before moving in the more safe its is for allergy patients.
    Allergy patients may take anti-histamine anti-allergy tablets which they had been taking before in routine with doctors advise , for first 2 -3 days of fumigation.

    Is it Dangerous if chemical is accidentally taken by mouth , if taken what to do?

    Yes it is very dangerous in case of accidental intake by mouth / swallowing of chemical by mouth,can be dangerous & patient should be rushed to nearest hospital in emergency OPD without wasting time , for advise and treatment as specialized emergency treatment may be required as per the level of chemical intake and any medical symptoms .
    Chemical must be kept out of reach of children

    do we care & properly prevent for direct exposure of skin and eyes with spary.?

    Throat & Nose irritations may be experienced by allergy sensitive patients for or few hours after the spray till the time proper ventilation is not carried out some fumes may remain indoors in form of higher level in air, it may cause irritation in nose sneezing and itching of throat.
    Direct exposure eyes with vapors while spraying can cause irritation , redness of eyes if exposed eyes must be thoroughly washed with ample water and some mild eye drops can be used with doctors advise.
    on skin direct spray can cause itching, inflammation of skin , As it is water based spray , skin it should immediately first be washed with water and mild soap . the inflammation would subside in few minutes time.

    How new fresh entries of new mosquito's pests which enter house after fumigation gets controlled.?

    Fresh healthy mosquitoes usually invade homes by infiltration through open doors and windows ,at dawn and dusk time or with open doors with light inside for those ongoing entries we the mosquitoes/pests from open doors at dusk & dawn .
    the new entered mosquito pest when sits on any wall roof sprayed surface the it gets exposure to chemical and the exposure start taking its effect few minutes and mosquito pests start getting weak lazy and lethargic with minutes it sits down somewhere and dies in 2- 3 hours.
    However after entering house the mosquito /pest may keep its ability to fly and bite for half an hour of so. as even odor free sprays available in market , Matts , coils also take at least half an hour to effect .
    All fresh entries of pest would keep on getting killed within 2-3 hours of entering house and the army of mosquitoes won't be able to hide and take refuge beneath furniture, behind curtains in cracks , dark places etc in day and get out with night . Full Proof protection,we recommend that costly anti allergenic sprays are waste of money , BUT in addition to our spray we recommend electronic devices, matts and oil etc could be if used additionally during 4 month period at night ,it would give double layered full proof protection , they could be used for an hour o or two at dawn or dusk instead of their all night usage ,
    For more effective protection, mats and oils used with electronic plugin heaters are cheaper then other aerosol non allergenic sprays available in market and they can also be used for additional protection for a peaceful sleep.

    What is Terms of payment?

    Terms of Payment Cash or current dated chq. online payment can also be given in advance or on same day.
    *24-72 hours advance notice & booking due to seasons rush.
    * We care for your health & hygiene & believes in safe environment & health practices
    * enjoy a peaceful night without mosquitoes